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Innovation Marketing, Analysis & Management
Electronics, Embedded Computing and Communicating Objects Design Services
Communicating Systems – Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet & Mobile Website Development
Mediation, Private and Forensic Expertises

Business Field

DAVIOT Group has developed four business segments centering on Electronics,  Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), New Technologies and Innovation.

Enginerys – Electronics, Embedded Computing & Communication Systems Design Services

Design office specialized in Electronics, communicating technologies, embedded software development and integration with web technologies.

Communicating Systems – Internet of Things (IoT) Design Services

DAVIOT Group develops products and services for connected objects, IoT – Internet of Things, for manufacturers and individuals.

Internet & Mobile Website Development Design Office

DAVIOT Group creates for you, your showcase, institutional and commercial websites.

Innovelys – Innovation Consulting and Audit Firm

Innovelys is an innovation consulting and audit firm that supports you in your technological and competitive intelligence as well as in the enhancement and marketing of your innovations.

Mediation, Private and Forensic Expertise

DAVIOT Group offers to assist you in your amicable and legal expertise procedures in the fields of Electronics, Automation and Home Automation.

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Our Brands

DAVIOT Group SAS relies on a multi-brand strategy to optimally respond to the diversity and specificities of the requirements of its customers around the world.

Contact Us

If you wish to entrust us with your electronic systems or website development projects, or if you wish to have advice for your innovations or technical or legal expertise, do not hesitate to contact us.


Innovation Marketing, Analysis & Management
Electronics, Embedded Computing and Communicating Objects R&D
Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT
Website Development
Forensic Expertise in Electronics, Automation & Home Automation


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