Mediation, Private and Judicial Expertise

Mediation, Private and Judicial Expertise

M. Renaud DAVIOT, fondateur de DAVIOT Group SAS, est Expert judiciaire indépendant en Électronique, Automatismes et Domotique près de la Cour d’Appel de Lyon (Ain, Loire, Rhône). Ses missions interviennent dans le cadre d’expertises scientifiques et techniques des systèmes électroniques (analogiques, numériques, sans fil, connectés, des automatismes notamment industriels et des systèmes pour la domotique (surveillance, régulations, systèmes motorisés, électroménager,…).

20 years of know-how in Electronics and Embedded Systems

Mediation & Private Expertise

Whether you are professional or private, in order to evaluate your electronic systems (breakdowns, process defects, destruction of equipment, …), we offer to assist you in your mediation or private expertise, either directly or in collaboration with lawyers, legal representatives and bailiffs.
For this, the expert will establish a fee agreement setting the limits of his mission and the terms of remuneration of his fees.
The expertise will be concluded by the transmission of a detailed report of expertise containing all the information, advice and adapted solutions. All the documents necessary for the expertises will be scanned and archived for any subsequent request.


Missions of the judicial expert

Within the framework of the judicial expertises, the missions of the expert consist in bringing technical answers to the magistrates during litigations brought before the Courts. Following meetings, audits, analyzes and contradictory exchanges, an expert report is drawn up. This report is discussed by the parties as part of the substantive proceedings before the judges. Its opposability to third parties in litigation gives it a legal value allowing judges to base their decision on the report.


Respect for the Rules of Professional Conduct of Justice Experts

In the mission of being “occasional collaborator of the judge”, the judicial expert is attached to the respect of the rules of ethics of our activity namely:
              •  Loyalty;
              •  Impartiality;
              •  Independence;
              •  Consciousness, Objectivity and Impartiality;
              •  Dignity, Respect and Courtesy;
              •  Discretion and Respect of Professional Secrecy;
              •  Respect for the Mission and Deadlines;
              •  Management of Conflicts of Interest.


Affiliated organizations

Mr. Renaud DAVIOT is currently a member of the following organizations: