Innovelys – Innovation Consulting and Audit Firm



Solutions for all your Innovation needs!

Innovelys supports you in your technological and competitive monitoring, the enhancement and marketing of your innovation and the technological positioning of companies during their financing phases.



Technological and Competitive Intelligence

We offer you to ensure a technological and competitive monitoring of your innovations in order to position your strategy for the intellectual protection of your products and methods in the face of competition.






To grow your inventions and technologies

Valuation and Marketing of your Innovations

Innovelys offers to support you in the analysis of the strategic and tactical dimensions of your innovation and to prepare dedicated marketing materials in order to license your innovation.



Technological Positioning in Investment Strategy

Innovelys offers a range of technology assessment services (portfolio of patents, technologies, processes or services held by a Start-Up or SME) for investors who wish to finance innovation or the creation of technology companies either through a fund or directly.




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