Enginerys – Electronics & IoT Design Office

R&D eic

Design Office in Electronics, Embedded Computing & Communication Systems

Enginerys – R&D eic – is a design and consulting firm specialized in Research and Development of electronic systems, in communicating technologies (M2M, I-IoT, IoT, RF), in the development of secure embedded software as well as in integration with web technologies.

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Smart sensors

Sensors, actuators and
data processing

Enginerys integrates all sensors (temperature, pressure, force, speed, weight, accelerometry, gyroscopic, luminosity, biological, chemical, …) in data processing systems designed on the basis of programmable digital architectures (microcontrollers 8-, 16- , 32-, 64-bit) or reprogrammable digital architectures (SoC, FPGA, DSP).

Internet of Things – IoT

Development of connected objects

Enginerys‘ wide range of skills makes it possible to meet all your needs in the development of secure communicating objects (IoT), intelligent machine-to-machine objects (M2M), data transmission (wired or wireless) and radio software.
Enginerys masters communications and inter-machine networks – Infrared (IrDa), Laser, CAN, SPI, I2C, serial (RS232, RS485), USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Sigfox, LoRa, GPRS, GSM 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G,… as well as geolocation and secure RFID identification.

Energy Management & Human Machine Interface

Under proprietary or Linux environment, Enginerys develops the appropriate human-machine interfaces to meet your needs for interaction with the user.
Enginerys also offers procedures for optimizing and managing the energy of your embedded systems.

Data management and web technologies

Enginerys offers you to integrate your systems connected with web technologies (iOS/Android). We take care of integrating your sensor data into databases in cloud environments, NAS or datacenter server environments or in the heart of your Blockchain.

Web technologies

Integration with web technologies (PhP, Python, Java, Ruby, Tcl) as well as with your Android, iOS mobile applications


Adaptation of your data from your sensors or connected objects (IoT) with your databases.

Cloud, Server, Blockchain

Adaptation to cloud environments or servers of type NAS or datacenter, or at the heart of your Blockchain.


Elaboration of your demonstrators & electronic boards

Enginerys offers you to realize the study and the development of your electronic cards as well as the creation of your demonstatreurs by 3D printing. For this, Enginerys manages the entire prototyping phase internally with its own 3D printers or outsourcing.


With a know-how of 20 years of experience in Research & Development for industrialists or within the framework of national or European projects, we put at your disposal a personalized support and adapted to your needs while respecting the confidentiality of your projects and your know-how.


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